How difficult a job is this?


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How difficult a job is this?

I have a 1998 Honda Civic LX Sedan, in Ohio, standard transmission. Recently, I have started having some problems with it (not really a surprise, at 119,000 miles, things are bound to wear out, need replacing, etc). It began with needing a new starter, then the radiator sprang a leak. Had both of those repaired by professional mechanics. The latest issue is not quite as 'large' a problem in the scheme of things -- the hood lock does not work; that is, it will close and latch, but just sits closed like after you 'pop' the hood. In looking at it, it looks like the part that holds the hood in a closed position is not working. Long story short, how difficult a job is it to replace the hood lock? Is this something I could conceivably do in an evening/weekend without driving myself nuts? Or, does this require more professional help? Thanks for any insight you can provide.
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My hoods latches that have just 'sat there' after popping have just needed a thorough lubrication to get things working again. Not uncommon at all, IMO. I'd pick up a can of white lithium grease at the auto parts store and a small brush (the kind with bristles in a metal sleeve used by plumbers is good) and work the grease back into the latch mechanism.
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Thanks for the advice about the grease. The problem, though, is not that the mechanism just sits there: the lock will move, but not stay in a 'locked' position, if that makes sense. That said, I've had issues with the latch that is pulled inside the car that is used to open the hood (ie, the plastic part on the front broke off, so that, in order to open the hood, you have to pull on the trip wire with vise grips to get it open). I would not be a bit surprised if these two problems are related. If you (or anyone else in this forum) have any advice on how to remedy these issues, I'd appreciate whatever insight you've got.

Thanks again for your advice,


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