Mazda Tribute 2001


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Mazda Tribute 2001

I own a 2001 Mazda Tribute 4WD. In June my battery light was coming on. I took it to the dealer, who replaced my alternator with an aftermarket unit. 2 days later my battery light was coming on again. I took it to Sam's Club and was told the alternator was not throwing a charge. Returned to the dealer and they replaced the alternator again. Now 3 mths later, my battery light is coming on again. When I put a charger on the battery it is nearly dead, but takes a charge back down to 0-2. I called the dealer, described it was doing the same as before. They said it could be the battery ( I told them they replaced it in 2005) or the alternator again, or something is draining the power. They can't get me in for a week. What should I do to cover my bases before I go in and they tell me its something entirely different and costly?
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First check your cable and connections. Remove each, clean the contact surface and reattach. Then start it and while it's running remove the positive cable from the battery. If it continues to run the alternator is charging. Then I would suspect the battery.

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