uneven front brake wear.

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uneven front brake wear.

1996 cavalier. i checked the brakes yesterday. front passenger side brakes are fine, front driver side brakes are worn to the sensors. uneven brakewear. autoparts store sold me new brakes and newdrivers side brake callipers. they said the callipers is getting stuck out.

will replacing the calliper def fix the problem? or are there some other issues i might need to address?

also what is the correct way to bleed the brake system?

thanks everyone.
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its possible that the caliper might fix the problem but it could be related to other things also, front brake hoses can also cause the caliper not to release, but most of the time they will also cause other problems such as the vehicle pulling one direction due to the brake not releasing along with smoke coming from the wheel area due to the brakes being very hot.
calipers and pads must be able to float to wear both inner and outer pads evenly if one pad is significantly worn more than the other it may be due to a seized caliper pin not allowing the caliper to float and wearing out one brake pad.
it is also a good idea to replace brake parts in pairs if you are replacing a caliper replace both front calipers, if you are replacing a brake hose replace both hoses.
if you can retract both caliper pistons easily would probably be checking the mounting pins to make sure they are not seized and the caliper moves side to side freely.

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