92 Corolla water pump


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92 Corolla water pump

I need to change the water pump on my 92 Corolla automatic trans.). The actual pump doesn't concern me, but I'm really unsure about having to raise the engine to get access. It seems that there's not enough "give" in the A/C lines to raise the engine high enough. Is there a way around that? What would be the jack point on the bottom of the engine when I do raise it?

Also, I've heard about the red antifreeze put out by Toyota. Is there any advantage to using that?

Thanks much!
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On a 95 Geo (same thing different year) with the 1.8, you can access the water pump through the fender well plastic panels.

Take off the tire and pull off the panels. It's been a while since I've done one but I believe you can get to the pump like that.

Hope this helps,

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