Fuel Pump

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Fuel Pump

I have a 1995 Chev. Blazer with about 65,000 miles on it. It's taking a long time to start. I recognized the problem because it's the same as I had on my Jimmy years ago. The mechanic told me to turn the key on for 3 second's then shut it off and then start the truck (so it builds up pressure). It worked for a while but now it's starting to take long again. I know it's going to need a new fuel pump. My question is, I can buy a fuel pump for it from Auto Zone for under $100, my mechanic said it's going to cost between $700 and $800 to have it done. I don't expect him to work for nothing but does that kind of price sound right or not?
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Autozone has your fuel pump fro $74.99

$700-800 to have a mechanic change it? WOW!
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does sound a little steep to me also. Have you replaced the filter lately, just to be sure? If you do need one, double check at autozone, but I believe the warranty is void on the new pump, if replaced, if the screen assy & filter aren't changed at same time. He may be quoting you a genuine gm part, plus labor price, which I expect is a fair bit higher for the part. I'd ask. I'm guessing 2-3 hrs max for labor x whatever his labor rate is would be a little more reasonable, unless of course there is extra work like rusted lines etc.
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If you have some mechanical background change it yourself. We have owned 4 blazers and all 4 we have changed the pumps (one twice). Actually I showed my son how to do it on the first one when he was 16 and he has changed all of them since. He has it down to less than an hour from into the garage to out... as long as the lines aren't rusted bad (had that problem on one of them, needed to get a sender unit and fuel lines from the dealer). Between the blazers and all of our Chevy & GMC trucks he has replaced at least 10 pumps so far... ( I don't like laying under trucks after doing it for so many years he's young...)
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It seems like there are a lot of Blazer problems posted here that turn out to have fuel pressure regulator problems.

It may pay to look at that. Your symptoms would be similar.
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There are a few things that give problems on the mid 90's 4.3 one is the octopus which is the injector and the fuel lines under the top plenum.
The lines also crack and leak coming into the octopus leaking into the plenum and making them run bad.
The regulator is also a culprit.
And the fuel pump is also a popular item... to the point that in the later years like our 2000 the actually put a shroud around the pump that holds gas even when the tank is empty so that the pump is in liquid to keep it cool... Every one of our pumps we replaced were checked with a gauge and then replaced and our problems were solved.
We did have one that the fuel line cracked inside the plenum letting gas spray right up and into one cyl. runner in the plenum.
Just a few things we have found... Good Luck...

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