how to remove cv driver side axle for 96 kia?


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how to remove cv driver side axle for 96 kia?

no matter what i've done the darn thing won't come out..
is there something special that i need to do to get the axle out of the tranny? i've banged on it, used a pry bar, removed other side axle to bang it from the opposite side put there is something in the way so i could'nt do that. any suggestions would greatly be appreciated....
it seems like the little ring may be stopping it from comeing out but there is no way to getto there?
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To start you are going about the situation in the right manner. All it should take is a pry bar to pop the axle out of the tranny. I have seen the little clip on the end of the CV get cocked alittle side ways from previous faulty installation or something similar. If the axle you are taking out is aftermarket meaning not from KIA, then it is probably just a really tight fit. Try taking on it with a hammer and punch to drive and drive it out with alittle force. Otherwise try a bigger pry bar. Good luck!
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the axle moves in and out about 1/8 of an inch but it seems like there is something other than the ring stopping it from comeing out. could there be some sort of locking mechanism that is keeping it from popping out? i've looked everywhere but i don't see anything. am i missing something?

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