tires or allignment?

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tires or allignment?

I just bought a 91 GMC 3/4 ton w/ plow. The truck shakes at 30-40 then goes away in front. I'm thinking the front tires are worn radically or out of balance. Concurr? These tires are pretty $ to play hit/miss. Alignment is usually for veering no?

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Many worn parts can cause shaking. Check the front end parts such as wheel bearings, ball joints, tie rod ends and steering box. The tires could have loose belts in them or be out of round. Also shock absorbers can be bad also. Alignment does keep the vehicle from veering but also the shop will check all of the front end parts for wear as this would affect the alignment. Improper alignment causes wear on the tires causing them to need replaced before they normally would have been.
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I agree. The front suspension takes a beating having a plow on there. Check the tires for starters, if they are unevely worn, it will cause vibration problems.
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Also keep in mind that when you put the heavy plow on, your alignment changes. Your camber will change, which will also throw the toe out a little.

But yeah, check the idler and pitman arms, tie rods and ball joints.
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Start with tire's not too expensive.
Check air pressure and you can do an easy alignment check on your own.

If it's real bad you can see it by just eyeballing it.

Or you can use a telescopic curtin rod to check the toe.
Most modern vehicles use a 0 degree toe.

If the caster is out ( that's the wheel leaning in or out or staight up & down) you can eyeball it with the back wheel.

Again, it's just a quick way to see if your alignment is realy out.

Worn tires can also cause pulling and vibrating.

Remember changing the toe affects the camber and caster.

Also remove the plow and see if the shaking goes away.
Springs might be too weak for the plow which can affect the alignment.

Try this.....sit on the ground facing one of the front wheels and grab the wheel at 9:00 and 3:00 and see if you can move it to the right and left.
This will alow you to check for worn tie rod ends or drag link

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