ABS light


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ABS light

Since I know nothing of auto repair I fugured that I can get some advice from all you folks.

I have a Dodge Ram 3500 and recently the lightcensor came on for the ABS & Brake. Now, I just got my brakes done about 6 months ago and everythingworked fine up to this point. What does this mean, what could possibly be the trouble and how much for repair cost? Could it be just the censor?.

Note: the brakes still works fine with both of the lights on
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Hard telling without it being looked at. Could just be one of the wheel sensors or it could be something else.
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Both Lights?

Generally speaking, when both the ABS and Brake light are on it indicates a problem of a serious (Safety) nature. If just the ABS light comes on it indicates a problem in the ABS system but you would still have the base brake system. If the Red Brake light is on there is a problem in the base brake system and could be dangerous. Address the issue right away. Look for leaks, low fluid level, parking brake partially applied etc. Hace someone pull the codes for you.
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I agree. Just the ABS light came on in my car and the problem is a short in one of the ABS sensors. If the brake light is on as well that is a more serious problem.
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ABS light

Everyone, Thank you very much for all your advice. I will be calling our mechanic to repair asap. Once again, thank you a whole bunch.

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