o2 sensor isuzu 2002 rodeo 3.2

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o2 sensor isuzu 2002 rodeo 3.2

Have check engine light on had it checked a local auto parts .They said o2 heater malfuction bank 2 sensor 1. Any help what to do and witch one is bank 2 sensor 1
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Locate your o2 sensors and look at the wires to see if one's been burnt or frayed, etc. Heater malfunction just means it's not heating up fast enough and throws a code. Fact is, you don't need but one wire for sensing combustion gases. Look in your Haynes book to know which is bank 1 and 2. I think one is on the left as your in front of car, looking directly into windshield. Pull it and clean it with some carb cleaner and let it dry well, examine for wire issues then reinstall.
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I would probably just change it out cleaning an o2 sensor is going to do nothing for the heater element wich is probably bad and the computer can detect the open circuit and sets the code.
you can look in a manual or look on the engine to see if the cylinders are numbered sometimes the plug wires or coil may be numbered if they are not numbered you will need to look it up in a manual, bank 1 is always the side with number 1 cylinder and bank 2 is always the side without number 1 cylinder. sensor 1 is reffering to the first 02 sensor you come to in the exhuast starting at the engine at wich ever bank your looking at sensor 2 would be the second senor you come to.

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