Problem starting Toyota Truck


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I have an 86 Toyota pu, 22r engine, 2wd, manual trans. standard cab that has a probelm starting part of the time. The battery and starter are good(had them checked). I replaced the ignition switch harness and it started fine for about 2 weeks. If I run a wire from the pos terminal to the small plug on the starter(by passing the ignition) it fires right up. Can any one give me some insight on how to fix this problem?
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Sounds to me like you've eliminated everything but the ignition switch itself.

Oh, wait, I just thought of something else. There may be a switch on the clutch pedal that keeps the starter from running unless the pedal is pushed down. Check that too.

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The switch on the clutch pedal is a good idea for checking. They do go bad now and then. Since most of these trucks use a hydraulic clutch, the switch is located on the clutch linkage inside the cab. It is a safety device to prevent starting of the vehicle when it is in gear.

While I don't advise this, may folks jumper them out of the system so they can reach through the window and start the engine while they are working on the vehicle.


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Hi Melfran,

Sounds like to me that you are by-passing the relay switch if so the switch is bad and needs replaced... The Toyota should have the relay switch on the fender wall by the battery... Like Smokey always says and I agree 100% if you plan on doing more than general maintenance buy a Haynes and/or Chiltons manual for your vehicle at your local auto parts store... Itís one of the first things I buy when I purchase a vehicle... I have both for my Bronco II...

If your truck is like a 90' Toyota Corolla, the relay is located right by the battery... Its shaped kind of like an aerosol spraypaint can lid, I believe it has one bolt and nut post on each side... A short positive cable is going directly to the bolt nut post on the battery side from the battery, with maybe two or three smaller wires... The bolt nut post on other side should have the positive cable going to the starter... Then a smaller post in the center for a slip-on connector that goes to the ignition... This was from my 90' Toyota Corolla I sold a few months ago, the Chiltons went with it, so I am going totally by memory alone...

Hope I helped and good luck,

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I heard from this person via email that he found a clamp and screw loose in the column.
It must have provided a ground for the circuit. He tightened the screw down and the vehicle started immediately.

This is a new wrinkle for old Smokey but am glad the problem is resolved.

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Problem starting Toyota Truck

This is a common problem with Toyota vans. Not enough current getting to Starter solenoid to actuate it.

Solution - can run hot wire from battery directly to starter solenoid with manual starter button in the line.
Better solution is install a 12V relay which is activated by the normal starter wire. run a hot wire thru the relay normally open contacts to the starter solenoid.
Ignition switch will then actuate the relay which requires small power and the relay will actuate the starter solenoid which requires much higher power.

relay cost about $10 on EBAY,

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