99 Windstar "Creaking"


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99 Windstar "Creaking"

99 Ford Windstar "creaks" when I turn right. Took it to a service center to get an estimate and they said it was the outer tie rod. Is this something that's difficult to change if I got a Chiltons book? I have changed out hubs and bearings before do I cant see that it would be too hard. Is there something online that I can look at that will show me how to do this?
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My '98 Windstar creaked to.
After the front suspension links and tie rod ends were replaced the noise went away.
You could also peel back the rubbers and soak the joints with lube and see which one is squeeking.
These joints are maintenance free and do squeek.
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Autozone has a good website for information of that type. (www.autozone.com).

If you decide to lube them use a silicon lubricant. It does a good job and is easy on the rubber.

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They squeek 'cus there seizing up & yes you can change them yoursef. Remove the wheel, loosten the locnut on the inner tie rod, remove the nut that holds the outter to the spindle & rap it with a hammer where the outer tie rod end goes thru the spindle. Count the turns to screw it off (123etc) than screw the new one on, counting the turns backward (3210). This will get the toe close,& you can check it with a tape measure or have a front end alignment done after. look for 0 to 1/8" toe out on front wheel drive cars as a quick rule of thumb, but check the specs to be sure, Roger

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