93 Ford Explorer with 4.0 engine

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Question 93 Ford Explorer with 4.0 engine

working fine and then after using the car to jumpstart another car it started running rough-will not hold an idle. Have replaced the coil, the spark plugs and their wires, and a broken vacuum hose. It kinda smells like the engine is flooded when in the car-the exhaust is bluish white. :wall

does anyone have any thoughts?
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Did it do this immediately upon removing the jumper cables? Need to know to decide if this is a coincidence or not?

Maybe your car's computer got fooled somehow by the unusual current draw. (Wild speculation not based on knowledge or experience) Maybe it needs to be reset by unplugging the negative battery terminal for a while. And also driving the car a while for the computer to relearn things. (Speculation)

This would be the most simple thing I could think of, which would be great, eh, if true?

Or we could speculate on why the color of the exhaust is bluish instead of blackish. Blue is normally associated with oil burning.

If a vehicle develops say an oil leak into one cylinder, it can get into the cylinder causing the car to idle rough and belch whitish-blue smoke until you run it for a while and then it goes away.

I have experienced this with my car, and one opinion was one of the valve guide seals was bad. Another opinion is that a slight crack in the engine/gasket is letting coolant into a cylinder, steam-cleaning a spark plug electrode and causing the #3 electrode to always look brand new and white and develop a hairline crack that causes ONLY an at-idle misfire, and when it misfires it may lose the function of some piston ring due to no firing of the cylinder, and let oil into the cylinder.

It always pays to remove spark plugs to see if there are tell tale signs where one cylinder is being singled out by some problem.
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Do a self-test/quick check on the computer
Pull The Codes

That's the first step
It may not tell you anything, but that's something

But in this case we need to find out if you fried your computer with a bad jump

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