choke stuck in 82 dodge van

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choke stuck in 82 dodge van

I've determined my choke is stuck in my 82 dodge slant 6. It was getting harder and harder to start and once going she runs rich. Rod going towards manifold from choke seems stuck causing choke to stay open. any suggestions before I screw it all up?? thanks
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What happens when you remove the air cleaner and grab the choke plate and try to move it? You MAY though first have to grab the throttle arm on the carb where the cable from the gas pedal connects and and 'give it gas' (activate it some) in order to release the choke/fast idle mechanism and then at the same time the choke plate should easily be able to swivel, then return to it's original position when you leave go of it. (I'm from that era of choked carbs. )

Before going into any more details, can your choke freely move this way as I mentioned above?, or does it feel like it's in a bind?

And is it stuck open or closed when the engine is warmed up. For the car to be running rich if the choke is stuck, it would be stuck closed, not open, as you said. Have you actually looked instead of guessinng about this?

On such vintage vehicles as this, you may want to make sure the PCV valve is working properly also. That is usually on the end of a rubber tube that plugs into a valve cover, and then this line goes into the base of your carb and can affect your fuel mixture, as oil and crankcase blowby gases mix with the virgin gas mixture.

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