Cooling system problem in Lancer


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Cooling system problem in Lancer

My lancer overheated a couple of months ago and I replaced the radiator and hoses. After driving for a few miles, the coolant level dropped and the engine temperature rose again. I topped off the coolant again. This happened one more time.

After doing some reading over the internet, I opened the radiator cap and let the engine idle looking for bubbles. I didnt find any after the engine reached temperature. One thing I did notice is that the coolant level rose rapidly and was about to overflow ... I see a lot of coolant in the overflow tank which I think should be pulled in automatically without me having to top off the fluid.

I did the idle test with my Honda and the level remained constant even after the engine reaching temperature.

What is wrong here?
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Assuming it isn't over heating there is nothing wrong.
Sounds like you have purged the air out of the system. Cooling systems are pressurized which is why the coolant would try to over flow when hot. The overflow tank won't work when the radiator cap is off.
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Concur with mark; the coolant expands and is trapped in the recovery tank when hot and when it cools draws needed coolant back into the system. But be careful about overheating a modern engine; it takes very little to warp a head and blow a head gasket.
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Thanks for your replies... Im going to watch the coolant level daily ..

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