what does this noise indicate??


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what does this noise indicate??

2000 Silverado, for the first few minutes that truck is running, but not all of the time, there is a water sound coming from what appears to be behind the dashboard. located toward the center. I don't know weather to call it a sloshing or gurgling sound. neither are exactly accurate but I can't come up with a better word. I am suspecting this has something to do with the heater core. There is no apparent leakage into the inside of the truck. At least not that I have found. Any guesses as to what I might be looking at? thanks.
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Floor wet??? It could be condensate water that is not draining from the A/C coils. The drain tube often gets plugged by spiders. Or it could just water circulating in the heater core, as you suggest.
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I have not found any spot on the floor where the carpet is wet.
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Probably water circulating as Bill suggests. If you have an air bubble in the system it is often noticable as a gurgling in the dash.
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i would check to make sure radiator bottle is full sounds like u have a cooling system low and ur getting air in the system running thru the heater core
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Sorry but had to laugh I allways had that noise in my '67 Skylark. ( I loved that car)

I guess GM didn't think it was worth resolving.

It's not a sign of trouble at least in my '67 but not sure about a modern vehicle.

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