vacuum Leak


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vacuum Leak

What is the best way to track down a vacuum leak?

92 Dodge Colt Mitsubishi engiine.
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First move and reset connections that are accessible. If that doesn't find the leak, you can spray WD 40 around connections and mating surfaces.

Keep in mind there are air valves and vacuum driven devices that can have leak faults internally.

Hope this helps,

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You're ears.
Listen for the hissing sound.
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cold out car runs great, warm car runs bad

Not sure now if it is a vac leak. Checked everything possible. Except of course somehting tha is internal. Most connections (small hoses seem new, like the dealer was trying to find the problem before I bought the car) It is cold out now so the car runs great, as soon as it's above 50 degrees outside the car misses, bucks,and idles bad

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