Ford Explorer Power Lag


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Angry Ford Explorer Power Lag

Hi, Recently, I've noticed that my 2003 Explorer has developed what appears to be a lack of power when under load - usually when driving uphill. Acceleration is poor and, when a gear change would be expected, the engine revs up and down but without any obvious change in speed. I don't know too much about automatic gearboxes but the only way I can describe what's happening is that is similar to clutch slip with a standard 'box. The problem isn't as obvious on the flat, although acceleration isn't great. Any ideas?
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The fact that you notice an RPM change with no speed change, sounds like the transmission. The transmissions around that year for the Explorer had problems.
One trait that I have noticed with them, put the transmission in neutral, shift into reverse. Whenever they were going out, there was always a delay. It might take 2-5 seconds for it to engage, when it did, it was a hard engagement.

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