Ford Windstar 98 headlight lowbeam


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Ford Windstar 98 headlight lowbeam

I have a problem whith the headlights
i live in sweden so the lowbeam headlights is always on when i have the ignition on

whats hapend now is that the lowbeam is always off
it doesnīt matter if i put the lightswitch to on

but the highbeam works fine and the parkinglight also is working

i have checked the fuses under the instrument panel
and both lamps and i cant find any fault
thanks for any help
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You could find out if there is a 'service bulletin' out for this problem occuring in other vehicles in numbers. This could lessen the guesswork and searching. Could be anything from bad connection + or -, or break in wire, or bad switch, or as unlikely as this would seem, the low beam element being burned out on each bulb.

I'd try a new bulb as it should be relatively cheap and easy, and if not it, you have an extra bulb.
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ok i tried and changed the bulb but its the same
i connected a wire from + direkt to the bulb after a tip
just to have it work temporary
it worked but now the backlighte dont work either
and some strange behavior
the loading light up it looked like it dont loaded
lower strenght on light and then it worked ok again
i turned it of and checked the fuses and the when i started it the engine light lighted up

the car is working
and all other lights work
break, reverse, parking, instrument and the rest(i donīt think i missed anyone)

please give me any tip i am thinking about an ground- problem but i dont know
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If high beam and low beam share the same ground, then that theory would go out the window. You may need to get your hands on a wiring diagram. I believe they exist even on the web. Pray that it is not in your high/low beam clicker switch presumably in your sterring column lever switch.
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thanks for the reply

today i checked all fuses and relays
and cleaned the contacts
now its no problem no problem with the controllamps

but still problem with lowbeam
i checked the voltage after the main light switch and it was ok
i found out that i have backlight when the car is started
but no lowbeam (i have automatic lowbeam)
if i turn on the main light switch the parklight goes on but the rearlight goes off

I found a wiring diagram at
(when i looked in the registration papers i saw that the car was a 1997 )
and if i look there the low beam power dont go by the steering switch only high beam

the fuse diagram is not ok
i have an other order in the car and in the instructionbook

the diagram does not seem to be correct
and i am wondering if anyone know a better url
for diagrams

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So you turn on the lights the way you would to get low beams?, and all you get is the parking lights and the 2 back lights go out? When are the rear lights on?; only with the high beams? What all comes on if you put the switch to parking lights?; do the rear lights come on okay then?

Be sure when you post to proof read so that every word is correct. That if you mean two lights in back, say lights, instead of light. That helps us all out. Thanks.

Thanks for including the wiring diagram. But I for one have not bothered to look at it yet because I'd rather have my questions answered first. This may help all of us to know what works and when, and what does NOT work, and when.

On an automatic low beam vehicle, like yours, does your vehicle sense oncoming vehicle somehow and dim them automatically? Does anybody know how this is done?, as this may even be where your trouble lies. But what seems odd about this theory, to me anyway, is then why is this affecting the BACK lights also?
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98 Windstar- No low beams

I have checked the relays and fuses, and everything except the horn works fine. About a month before the low beams quit completely, I could get them to turn on by flipping the low-high switch repeatedly. I have tried praying over the steering column multifunction switch, but I am still in the dark.
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Your vehicle has Daytime Running Lights also knows as DRL's. This was not a legal requirement for vehicles sold in the U.S. at that time though it finally is now, but I believe they were required in Canada since around 1990 and Australia even before then. It sounds like the problem is with your DRL module located on the drivers side front engine compartment (fender well) right behind the headlight. It looks like a black pastic box. If you can't find one available from the U.S. you will for sure find one from a Canadian auuto parts retailer, and possibly even through Ford of Europe if those vehicles were officially ever sold there at the time. From my experience many times North American products not officially sold in Europe are privately imported, or sold from military members returning home and this makes spare replacement parts and technical knowledge quite limited.

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