Tie rod removal and replacement


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Tie rod removal and replacement

How to remove inner tie rod on 98olds88 without removing r/p unit. Thanks
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Go to the auto parts store and get an inner tie rod tool. They are universal and come with different inserts for different makes and models of vehicles. You will need to remove the outer tie rod and the inner tie rod boot. The inner has a crimped clamp holding it on. That may give you a little problem trying to get it loose enough to remove the boot. Once the boot is off, there is a plastic sleeve covering the the area that the tool has to go onto. Take a long screw driver or prybar and walk that sleeve off being careful not to crack it. I always put loctite on the inner tie rod threads when I do them. If you run into a problem, let us know.
Good luck.
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Can't he just use a pickle fork?
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No he cannot. He is asking about replacing the inner tie rod, not the outer. The inner tie rod is connected to the rack and pinion.

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