Bird-bombs off my new car


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Bird-bombs off my new car

Hi there – sorry if not relevant in this forum. But wonder if anyone has experiences with best way to deal with bird-droppings? Got clear plop mark on my new BMW metallic black paint. Polishes and waxes do not remove the clear mark that is left after cleaning. It looks like a chemical reaction. Is there anything I can do to remove the clear mark?Heaps of ideas online…but not sure which is best/ most gentle to the paintwork.
Thanks in advance
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Bird dung can be very acidic. Never let bird poop sit on the paint for very long (over 2 days). The poop basically eats away at the clearcoat.

Darker color cars always seem to attract the flock of birds.
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Bird poop damage to car finish info:
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Have you tried a carnuba wax?
Carnuba works great with dark and black colors.
Carnuba is non-abraisive and may cosmetically hide the stain.
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Thanks....will try some of these things...better than a shotgun, which was a suggestion I recieved in other forums
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If polishes aren't working then probably your best shot is compound with a buffer and then polish. It should smooth out the clear coat again. It comes down to the bird poop eating into the clear coat. Make sure you wash the area well prior to buffing. Dirt and sand can scratch the clear coat worse. Make sure the polish you get is for dark colors.

You can always swing it by a body shop too and see if they advise the same thing. It's something they also may be willing to do real quick and free. It depends on the shop.
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Also have this problem getting these feathered friends calling cards off

pine tree sap is also proving to be a major offender

Going to try some soda and nail polish and see how that works

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