1998 RAV4 Exhaust Question


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1998 RAV4 Exhaust Question

The center pipe (the pipe running behind the CAT and in front of the muffler) has a crack on the flange of the damper bracket. This bracket was installed as part of a TSB repair and the weld must have strained the pipe when it cooled and over the miles/years, the crack formed.

Now I've got noise and an exhaust leak. The crack is about 2" long and about 1/4" wide. I tried to braze the pipe with no luck and I'm reluctant to try to weld as the metal on the pipe is thin.

I have been working with the dealer who cannot find the right pipe.

Mine has an O2 sensor about 6-12" behind the front flange of the center pipe which joins to the flange on the pipe coming from the CAT. This sensor appears to be OEM as does the exhaust system overall. The O2 sensor is a flange mount and the pipe has a flat mating surface and two studs on it to mount the sensor. There is a stainless deflector around the sensor to protect it.

The only pipes the dealer can find do not have the mount for the O2 sensor, but they are otherwise identical to what is on the vehicle. Neither the dealer nor I think the O2 mount and studs are supposed to be installed in the field at time of pipe replacement but should be on the pipe as delivered.

Anyone have any ideas on how to get the correct center pipe part number or who might be able to replace it? I have avoided Midas and Meineke due to bad experiences there on other cars.

Thanks for any help.
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Any decent exhaust shop should be able to replace this no problem.

There are plenty of replacement exhaust systems that require them to drill and tap a new bung hole for the O2 sensors.

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