2000 4x4 ranger abs


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2000 4x4 ranger abs

abs under 10 mph kicks in, no abs fault light, especially when coming to a stop taking a right turn.. whats up anyone know what to do without a abs fault light comong on
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For the most part ABS problems need to be diagnosed with some type of scan tool that has datastream capabilities and preferrably scope ability. However two things come to mind -- check to see if all of the wiring for the wheel speed sensors are intact and that the reluctor rings (what the wheel speed sensors look at) are present and not broken away. The other thing is too check the condition of the brake fluid. It is obvious that the brake fluid is going to have an effect on how well the ABS system works so it being in good condition is important. It should be replaced every two years with clean brake fluid with the DOT number that is recommended by the manufacturer. In addition the reservoir that the brake fluid is in could be removed cleaned and re-installed just to make sure the new fluid stays clean.
Now I know it might seem that I maybe a spokesperson for a company selling these machines but I am not but once again I would recommend a brake fluid flush. A machine hooked up to the master cylinder or reservoir and each of the brake assemblies will simultaneously fill (clean, new fluid) through the master and remove (dirty, old fluid) from the brake assemblies. In addition it will ensure an air free system.

Good luck!
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Thought about something else-- it could be a dragging rear brake either from a leaking axle seal or a leaking wheel cylinder.

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