grinding on the hi-way


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grinding on the hi-way

I have a nova, 1988 model. When in a fast moving hard turn, left or right I hear a grinding noise. Not enough to make you grind your teeth but close, and seems to be getting louder.

My question is a two parter: Is this the front wheel bearings? And or will I be able to change them with out having a press to press them on or off? I could not figure out how to even get at them, I guess you would have to take the rubber boot off but how do you get the metal strap to re adhere boot. Please help
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Boot? I think you are in the wrong area. I think you are referring to the CV joint when you are saying that.

Most front bearings you just remove the center cotter pin and large nut. When that is off, th rotor should slide out and the bearings will be right there.

I don't think yours are pressed in, if so, you have to remove the whole hub assembly.
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Before I'd go replacing wheel bearings, it could be something as simple as rust build up on the outer edge of your brake rotor. I've had it happen a few times. Pop your wheel off, and take a few minutes & knock the rust off the top edge/lip of your rotor, both front & rear face. Blow it out, replace wheels, & see if it's gone. Might save you a whole lot of unnecessary expense & work. Bearings usually "Growl or Hum", if it sounds like metal on metal, I'd try this first, and look real close with a light anywhere that the rotor may rub.
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Red face

I recently replaced the brake pads and rotors, I swear I never saw where the bearings could have been, this is an 88 nova much like the corresponding year corrolla I think?

I will pull the deal off again and have another look.

I remember taking the cotter pin out and loosening and taking the big bolt off but I seem to remember nothing else wanting to come off when I attempted to try nothing happened, That is what caused me to look behind the wheel to see if there was anything there holding the part in.


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