2001 Grand Caravan runs rough


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Red face 2001 Grand Caravan runs rough

Hi everyone...Happy Holidays!!!!

I'm having a problem with my "Birtha" - 2001 Grand Caravan ES, 3.8L V6. At start-up a week ago, she began to run rough. Thinking that it was just a little cooler than the day before, I let her run for about 5mins to warm up. No use-she still runs rough. I have noticed the following:
  1. No check engine light nor any problem display
  2. The van shakes when it did not before
  3. There is no loud noises but there is more noise than usual
  4. There are no smells
  5. When I give it gas the shaking increases
  6. There is very little shaking while coasting
  7. At a stop as I slowly release the brake, the shaking gets really bad
  8. The shaking gets worse when either the a/c or heater is turned on
  9. The van does not stall
  10. Starts just fine
  11. New Altenator and belt installed 1.5 weeks before the shaking started
Now in response to all of that I had a tune up done including oil and oil filter change, air filter change, wires checked(change not needed) and spark plugs changed. I also gave her a gas treatment and dose of fuel injection cleaner. All of the fluids were checked found to be fine. "Birtha" is still shaking.
Can someone please help me?
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The first possibility would be a vacuum line that has come off or other vacuum leak. That's where I would start. Be sure to check front and firewall side of engine.

Also an EGR valve sticking would cause it. That should have a fault code attached to it, though. That valve could be removed and cleaned. To check it (with engine warm) apply vacuum to the valve - the engine should stall out, then resume running when vacuum source is removed.

You can apply enough vacuum by cleaning the source vacuum line and sucking on it with your mouth or attach it to another vauum port on the engine.

Was the engine running rough before you did the plugs?

There are a lot of other possibilities, but this should get you started.

Hope this helps,

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O.k. I'll try that...Thanks so much for your quick response.
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Double check the plug wires to make sure you have the right firing order and correct plug/wire configuration.
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How long ago did you have the tune-up done?

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