90 firefly


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90 firefly

Help please;
My son called me he is approx 150 miles away, he has a bad oil leak 90 firefly, went to change the oil pan and says behind the harmonic balancer looks like a piece is cracked? looked in haynes manual but not shown. its on the opposite side the oil filter is on and do you need a puller to get the balancer off?? is there a piece that can be changed behind the balancer?? sounds like he hit a large boulder says the pulley is also rubbibg on the motor.I want to go and fix it for him and take the right stuff , also he is quite aways away from parts store. any help appreciatted
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Can't say that I ever heard of a firefly. From the external damage, he may have some serious internal damage. You can't tell without tearing into it . At that age, you may want to check into a used or rebuilt engine.
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Sounds like maybe he bent or cracked the oil pan? Assume you're in Canada if he has a Firefly. How bad is it leaking, a quart in 10 miles? If so I would just buy a case of oil and drive it home instead trying to fix it at the side of the road. Engine parts are the same as Geo Metro if you go to a junkyard.

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