tapping lifters

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tapping lifters

I have a 1998 blzer S10 with a 4.1L V6. i just bought it a few weeks a go. it has been running fine. then the lifters started tapping all of a sudden. it sounded like it was from the back of the engine. when i pulled the valve cover on the right side and started the engin the frount push rod shot oil alll the way to the fender. the rest of the push rods had almost no oil coming from them and the back one had no oil.
my question is do i have a lifter problem or do i have more trouble??????? the oil PSI runs about 40 when driving and about 20 at idle. the oil is relativly new les that a 1000 miles.
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The lifter shooting oil is either worn out or not pumping up due to residue buildup in it.

I think I would try an engine flush and oil change first. Sometimes that will clean up the lifters and take of the problem.

If it doesn't the lifter would have to be replaced. Typically you do a set when you do one. On some engines you can just remove the rocker assembly/push rods and with a lifter tool pull the lifters straight up through the head. For the size engine you have there, I would have my doubts, but I'm not sure. It would be obvious if there is enough room to take them out that way.

Hope this helps,

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I also would try and engine flush first
-Keep in mind, if it's had real iffy maint. (oil changes) the flush could allow leaks (remove gunk build-up in failing seals) to appear-
But I'd do that first
And use 1 qt. Marvel Mystery Oil (+ reg. oil) in the oil change
If the noise doesn't go away, then a mechanical fix might be needed

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