Electrical issue

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Electrical issue

Hi all,
I have a 1985 F150 4X4 plowtruck with an old '68 Mustang 302. I had been running it out of a "jerry can" (I only use it to plow my driveway) as the fuel tank needed to be replaced. This vehicle ended up as my "parts truck" as I could get it to turn over, but not start. I had a recent tuneup and a new fuel pump installed on the frame (under the drivers side) door where the previous one existed but was leaking . I could hear the new pump kick in every single time when the key turned and definitely can smell fuel in the carb. The vehicle always tried to start but would never catch when I gave up on it. I assumed it was likely a carb issue, and since it was old and I was inheriting another truck (1986 F150) I was going to put this one aside or sell it.

I decided the other day to try to start it again. I used a new battery that I knew works on my other truck just fine. I got some power to the cab light (although it took about 5 seconds after I opened the door) and seatbelt buzzer, but nothing from the fuel pump and the engine would not turn over. I put the battery back in my other truck and it started without issue.

Neither of these have ever been an issue in the past for me with thsi vehicle. I was looking and playing with the carb, not playing with electrical things.This truck sat only for about maybe 2 months.

All this said, my approach is to clean up all connections (including the ground at the engine block) and check the wiring for damage. I will also clean up the ground for the fuel pump as it it grounded to the frame.

Is there anything else I should add to this list other than drive it off a cliff??

Any help greatly appreciated!
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You'll probably catch it with what you're doing. That usually gets about 75 per cent of power issues. If you still come short, use a test light at the fuse box/relay mounts. Since your power issues are covering a lot of ground I would work back from the battery.

On an '85 you may get down to fixing it by rapping on something with your knuckles.

If you decide to use the cliff approach, please do so safely.

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