2003 pontiac sunfire throwing codes


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2003 pontiac sunfire throwing codes

2003 Pontiac sunfire is throwing the codes: PO171, System to lean, Bank 1. Can anyone tell me what theses codes are and how to fix the car? Thank You in advance
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Due to various factors, the fuel injectors may become restricted. Extensive testing has demonstrated that fuel related issues are the cause of clogged injectors. At this point, no specific fuel, fuel constituent, or engine condition has been identified as causing the restriction. The restriction causes the engine to operate at a lean air fuel ratio. This may either trigger the MIL to illuminate or the engine to develop various driveability symptoms.

GM recommends that the injectors be flushed using their specially tested cleaner and equipment, since it is the most effective. I have never used the stuff the parts stores, but have been advised that most of them are not recommended by GM. They indicate that some of the ingredients are known to damage bearings and plastic componants inside the engine. Stay away from METHANOL, it will damage fuel system componants!

If some one else here has had luck with the stuff the parts stores carry, chime in and let us know what you use. You could expect to pay around $100-$129 to have the dealer do it correctly.

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