2001 Town 'N Country Oxygen Senor


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2001 Town 'N Country Oxygen Senor

How the heck do you get the oxygen sensor out of the 2001 town 'n country. I'm a pretty skilled do-it-yourselfer and just cannot get that sensor out. It has a spring on the top of it that keep pushing off the o2 socket. Frustrating to say the least.

Also an FYI for other 2001 owners, if your van was made in the 2nd half of the year it uses the 2002 sensor. Will have to return the one I bought tomorrow.

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Dave,the best advice i can give you,assuming you dont have torches,is to be sure you have the correct sensor,then,cut the wires and spring,and use either a regular socket,or a BOX end wrench,with some effort it WILL come out,hope this helps
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I finally got it off. I let the engine run for about 2-3 minutes and then I think just got lucky and it came loose. Putting the new one in was a piece of cake. Boy the person that decided on the location of that upsteam sensor should get kicked

Also I had to return the sensor for the '01 since my car was manuf. in late 06/01 they used the '02 sensor.
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Where are they located? I've looked everywhere and can't locate them. Did it improve gas mileage? My mileage is suffering thought it might help.

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