Possible timing belt installation malpractice ???


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Question Possible timing belt installation malpractice ???

Hello everybody:

I bought a used 1999 Daewoo Lanos LS car.

The motor is 1.6L DOHC E-Tech

I paid $ 125 for the timing belt replacement , water pump and oil seals , I bought the parts ,, I only paid for the labor ..

Right now I feel the motor with less power ..

I don't know if my feeling about the power of the motor is wrong ..

My question ....

If the CAMSHAFTS are not perfectly align .. is possible to have a motor running well but with less power ..

Could be my imagination is playing with me ....

Please help me .. !!
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I'm not familiar with this vehicle or it's engine, but the belt may have been installed a tooth off. I know on the old Dodge Intrepids we used to do, every now and then we would get it a tooth off. In these cases, the car ran alot better.
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If you noticed this just after the t- belt change, it may be normal till the computer adjusts for the new belt. If its been awhile,3-4 days then it might be something else.
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hey,im new here and dont mean to "ruffle" any feathers,but the computer in your car has NOTHING to do with timing belt replacment,it is a mechanical attachment from your crankshaft to your camshaft,and while its possible that it may be a tooth off,its highly doubtful,if it was,there would be a serious lack of power,being that its a 4cyl,it will put all your valves out of time,on a chrysler as mentoned above,a v6,its possible to be off a tooth on one camshaft,and not the other,hence the still running half way decent,but you only have the on cylinder head, hope this helps
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Note that he has a DOUBLE overhead cam, so one side (intake or exhaust) could maybe a tooth off? Not sure how the cams/belts are configured on that engine.

Also, this is a valve bender engine, so having valve timing off would be a REALLY bad thing.

This was a reputable repair shop, elchicloso?
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Question The belt move like a serpent !!!

Thanks Guys for feedback:

This repair shop is new for me .. is my first time with it ..

The motor is noisy when I accelerate it (near the belt assembly) .. I am scare about that.

The consumer report said .. the motor is noisy.

Could be that noise is normal .

I remove the timing belt cover and the belt move like a serpent (not to heavy) could be 1/8 inch side to side.

That belt serpent motion is normal for a new belt ?

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