Engine Knock?


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Angry Engine Knock?

Just purchased '91 Toyota pickup, 4cyl, 4X4, automatic,
111,000 miles however, speedo cable broken? Test drove it for 20 min. sounded fine. Driving this gem approx hr later, loud deep engine knock, losing power when giving gas. We never made it home. Towed it to local mechanic which is closed for weekend.
Question: Any approx ideas on estimated cost should this be a main bearing shot? Any other ideas for this engine trouble?
Purchased from private individual, I am probably S.O.L. for any repairs covered. Heck of a co-incidence previous owner claims no problems in 3 months he's had truck, but hour after purchase, truck has problem. I will never buy anything again from private individual. I will never pay cash again. And we wonder why we see people in the news every week that lose control and go ballistic!

Thanks in advance for any info.
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If it's not worth it, buy a JDM engine or a cheap compatible engine offa ebay or something...
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I would guess closer to 211,000 mi. There's always a possibility that it IS coincidental, but it sounds as though you're going to need an engine. I'm guessing you paid about $2000 for it? Might be tough to justify the expense of a motor swap.
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Arrrghhhh!! paid $3100 figured it would last a couple years, didnt last 80 miles,,,,,,whew
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Do the motor swap yourself.
It's not like it's a beating heart it's just grunt work.
You you can save a ton of $$$doe by getting a couple of buddies, renting a hoist and knocking it out over the weekend (or two).
Just go to a good salvage yard and pick out a low mileage motor, ask to hear it run and you might pay $500.00 to a grand depending how low the mileage is.
I've done this several times on beeter cars I picked up for a couple of $100 bucks. Should get 2 to 3 years out it.
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The mechanic's garage will open tommorrow, hopefully they can check it out or maybe tuesday at latest. It really sounds like a rod bearing, I had a one go a long time ago on a 429 bonneville with trips, that was fun to drive!
Person I bought this Toyota from sounds like he may be of some help, time will tell, he claims to have a good 4cyl toyota motor laying around, he's a bit of a Toyota nut. We'll see what the garage pro's diagnosis soon.
If it is rod bearings, I guess by the responses here it's not worth it to try to repair, replacing motor must be the way to go. I have space to do it, just need to rent picker an whatever else it may take.. plus lots of motors/chilton's manual's.

Thank you all for the input, it helps a great deal, I don't feel stuck up a "creek", quite as bad as I did yesterday.

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