O.K. Everyone!! Lets Play C.S.I. PLEASE HELP ME


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Angry O.K. Everyone!! Lets Play C.S.I. PLEASE HELP ME

O.K. Everyone!! Lets Play C.S.I.
While I slept, some #$%@&^% hit my new car. They also hit the car behind me . They ran off but left behind many pieces of their car. Here are the only writings I can find off it. PLEASE play along and help me.
Iím thinking possible a 1987 something??? PLEASE HELP ME

Yellow light lens cover says AP2 87 GUIDE IL2
Yellow light lens cover says export 16514736 bl
White back of yellow lens cover says R made in usa export 16515132 black
White back of yellow lens cover says gm 16506144 1
Back of Mirror says cav.1 r.h. h.a.107660
I appreciate any help in determining info on this car. Thanks All , Katie :mask:
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I don't even think Grisom can figure that out.

Those look to be all manufacturer, mold #'s, manu. dates. All of which are pretty useless.

My only suggestion would be to take these parts to local dealerships (body shops) and see if they can recognize the parts.

What would you do with this info anyways? Just let the insurance companies figure it out.

I would be driving around the neighborhood and parking lots where it was hit, looking for damage on another car.

Good luck!
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I trust that you have filed a police report. In a city the size of Chicago, you could drive around forever and not find the car. This is a police and insurance matter.

My guess would be an 80's model Caviler.

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