Wierd noise when starting engine


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Wierd noise when starting engine


when I first start my car, this is most noticeable when the weather is colder. It makes a very quick noise about a half-second. It sounds like metal grinding. No problems with the car, just the sound at startup.

The car is a Acura RSX 2002, is has 107k miles on it. Is this a normal noise, is this something I should be concerned about. Do any of those engine additive products actually work or help with this issue?

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Where is the sound coming from? You need to try and pinpoint it.

What type motor oil are you using?

Sounds like it maybe the starter, but to hard to tell at this point.
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its the starter. you should fix it before you brake teeth on your fly wheel and have to remove the transmission to replace it.
if its a new starter doing it, there is a chance that the starter may need to be shimmed in order to prevent gear clash
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I can't really tell where exactly the noise is coming from. Why is it the starter, it happens once the engine actually starts not before.

Is that still the starter then? And if so what needs to be fixed on it?

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Sorry I just re-read the original post and "grinding" probably was not the best choice of description.

It is not actually a grinding noise, more like metal rubbing on metal, almost a screeching noise but not quite there.

Does this change the diagnosis?
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Make sure the defrost or A/C are off. My Ford does this sometimes only on start when I leave the compressor on.
Try turning all accesories off. Very bad sound for only a split second as the compressor engages.
The A/C compressor is on in the defrost mode so turn it off and see if noise goes away on start.
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Wierd noise starting engine

Could be the serptine belt. Spray WD40 on your belt and pullies. Start the engine, if no noise goes away, that's the problem.

Not saying it isn't the starter but this should be checked also.

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Same thing with my '94 Camry, 191K on it.
The flywheel is kaput! Possibly not on your vehicle, but be ready for some less than happy news. That's a lotta bucks if that's what it is...

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