1994 Toyota Corrolla Problems

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1994 Toyota Corrolla Problems

Maybe collective knowledge can help here as some shops are giving different answers for the ka-ching!
This is a Toyota Corrolla,a/c, basic model with 61000 miles on it. We had a encounter with a unmarked speed bump on a street and lately, when I make turns, I hear what sounds like the tires rubbing on something in the wheel well. Nothing observed impeding the tires. However, on the left side there does appear to be a rub mark on the bottom of the flare on the spring support. The car is extremely hard to try to bounce on that side, like almost impossible, and is a kidney jarring experience to drive. There also is a sound of something loose ( sort of a clink, clank ( lousy description I know)) that appears to come from the lower part of the wheel well when hitting a bump. The car has also developed a small shimmy while driving highway speeds. I am thinking that the strut went bad and possible the ball joints, besides a possible alignment
Have been getting different diagnosis from different shops. One in fact, tries to push brake jobs on people every time you go in the door so I don't trust him at all anymore! But that is another story.
Also, the starter is developing a problem. Won't start until you turn the key on and off several times, not all the time just randomly . Then it will start each time for awhile. I think the starter has developed a "dead" spot on it and will need to be replaced. This after my better half waited in the car for someone for 40 minutes with the engine off, and I know she had the car on accessory, but denies it of course . Problem ,where the heck is the starter on this car and is it accessible without putting the car on a lift? I can't see the blasted thing!

I received this car, when my father passed, and have no records of any maintenance for it.
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It's time to get it up in the air and have a tech look at the suspension. Sounds like a broken something in there
Ask around about good mechanics. you will hear the same name popping up. Go there.
Let us know, okay?
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My first instinct was a strut problem, too; but a good bashing from a speed bump could bend/break several other items as well. Could have bent the lower control arm.

You didn't mention what year the Corolla is, but here's some info:


And as side note on Toyotoa starters: They're nearly bullet-proof. I've owned Toyotas for 30 years and never had to replace a starter. What DOES happen is that the contacts and plunger in the solenoid wear out and don't make proper contact all the time. Depending on the year, the parts can be replaced for a fraction the cost of a replacement starter.

Pretty good info here, with pictures:


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