Replace front hub 2001 Grand Am


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Question Replace front hub 2001 Grand Am

I need to replace the front hub in my 2001 Grand-Am to replace the wheel speed sensor. How do I do it? What tools do I need?
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You need an impact gun, a socket big enough to get the axle nut off (cannot recall the size for that car), a hammer, a 13mm socket to get the 3 bolts out that secure the hub to the knuckle, and whatever size wrech and socket to get the caliper and caliper bracket off.
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not sure how your car is set up , im assuming it is a FWD car.
If so:

1. remove tire
2. remove axil nut
3. remove cailiper and tie it up
4. remove disc brake.
5. you will have to remove all connectors.
probably your suspension connectors(2 bolts) and the ball joint. (you'll need a ball joint puller.)
then you should be able to remove the hub.

FYI- auto zone lends out many tools including the ball joint puller. you may have to rent a impact wrench from a tool rental place. usually 15 bucks for the day, unless u have one.
other then that you'll need a big socket around a 32-36mm (autozone lends those out as well.) you'll need a breaker bar for many of those nuts they are probably around 110-140lbs torqued.
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No need to undo any steering or suspension componants. So, the first 4 steps eleven22 gave are correct. There are 3 bolts on the backside of the knuckle, 13mm, that need to come out. Also, disconnect the connector for the sensor. Once out, take a hammer and beat around the flange of the hub (where the wheel studs are) to get it out. Once out, clean the area where the hub mates to the knuckle.

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