smoke from engine


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smoke from engine

My son's 1997 Honda Civic SI manual transmissinon in perfect condition is parked in my driveway for about seven months. About three months ago I started it and ran it back and forth in the driveway ( it is presently unlicenced and uninsured ). The battery was in it all this while. I took out the battery about two weeks ago and placed it inside the house ( outside temperatue in Toronto was/is below freezing ).
Last Friday ( 30th Nov ) I put in the battery and tried to start it - the hood/bonnet open. I noticed a little smoke coming from the left hand side ( driver's side ) of the engine - that is the side opposit to the battery. I waited a few minutes and tried again. I saw more smoke coming from the same place of the engine. When I got out of the car to see/smell/pinpoint the exact location from which the smoke came I could not determine.
What component could the smoke be coming from and what could be the cause?
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It could be oil from the valve cover or some other source settling on the exhaust manifold and burning when it gets hot due to start up.
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My wife's 93 prelude had a leak in the exhaust under the hood somewhere. Never bothered to investigate where because the timing belt broke shortly thereafter and scrambled the engine.
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it,s cold

Please note from my post that the temperature is below freezng and also the engine did not turn over to heat the exhaust manifold. I am thinking that it is more like electrical shorting - I do not know.

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