87 blazer runs then dies


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87 blazer runs then dies

Good Evening,
I have a 1987 Chevy S10 blazer with the 2.8L V6 with the TBI. What she has been doing is she starts fine but once she warms up she just dies. I Waite about 10-15 min. & she starts up again. I can tell when she is going to start as I can hear the fuel pump prime. When she dies & I try to start her with out waiting I don't hear the pump prime!. I pulled the fuel line off her & there was no gas when I cranked her over. I have replaced the fuel pump relay the fuel filter. My question is could this be the fuel pump going bad?. A friend of mine who is a mechanic said it could be the ignition module but today when she did it I checked for spark & had a good spark. I always thought that when the ignition module was bad there would be no spark am I wrong & does this control the fuel pump?. Any help would really be great as I can't figure this out!. Thank you for any & all help.
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you will have to get out a wiring diagram and probe the wires going to the fuel pump (a test light will work, but a multimeter would be best.)to verify that its not a electrical issue.
if it has power and ground where its supposed to ,then replace the pump
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Also if you can hook up a pressure gauge, that is something else to check; could be it's loosing enough pressure to kill the engine even though there appears to be enough volume being pumped.
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"When she dies & I try to start her with out waiting I don't hear the pump prime!"

That's your key piece of info, you're losing your pump. Now you need to find out why.

Knelleken was giving you what you needed to sort things out - when you lose the pump, you need to know if the fuel pump relay is energized (sending power to the fuel pump) or not. Don't worry about the ignition module now. Use the tried and true method of troubleshooting: Divide and Conquer. The fuel pump relay is a key point between the power side and the action side; start there and test to see if power is getting past the fuel pump relay.

Sometimes in situations like this, I like to splice in a test light, say into the power going to the fuel pump. Then when I'm driving and the engine stops, I can take a quick look without having to get a meter out and start probing.
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I want ti Thank you all for the great information. I have checked for power at the relay & yes I have power to it. I also pulled the relay off her when she was running & she ran fine as I wanted to see if it was the oil pressure switch. I also can tell when she is or is not going to start by the sound of the fuel pump priming. When I first try to start her if I don't wait no sound if I wait a few minutes a weak whine & waiting 10-15 min. A strong whine & she starts. I also took the fuel hose off when she died & I get no fuel from the line. I will disconnect the harness at the rear & see what I have back there. If you can think of anything else please let me know THank you very much.

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