question about imala transmission cooler lines


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question about imala transmission cooler lines

I have a 2002 impala with a leaky transmission cooler line. The fasteners on each end are not however the plain old hex design that one would expect to find is there a tool/trick to get them off and where could one buy this tool?
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There is a special tool, but I just use a pick tool most of the time. Looking at the line where it goes into the fitting, there is a plastic clip, white or black in color. Slide that back on the line and you will see the clip. Using a hook tool, or a pick tool, easily pry out on one end of the clip. Keep your fingers on the clip because it will go flying and you will not find it. Now pull the line off. While the line is out, put the clip back in. Make sure you did not overstretch the clip upon removal of it. You may have to squeeze the ends together to restore the original shape of the clip. Once the clip is back in, you just push the new line in. Give it a tug or 2 to make sure it's in, then slide the plastic deal back over the fitting. If the line is fully seated, the plastic thing will go on pretty easy.

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