output speed sensor


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Question output speed sensor

have code 720 on a 99 ford winstar 90000mi believe output speed sensor my ? is can i do myself no lift if so location of pard was told by dealer over phone that it may be other sensors or was he bsing for more diag time also says min charge for diag is 1 hr minimum guess no half hr diags i think he just greedy to make more money for dealer
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Well, he was probably trying to avoid getting in a situation where he says, yeah it's the output speed sensor and after you change it and there's still a problem you point at him and say, YOU SAID it was the output speed sensor. The speed sensors are "probably" bolted to the side of the case. The ones on my GM product run about $50/ea. If you're convinced you want to change it with no further troubleshooting (it could be a harness or connector problem) you can buy the new one and look at it so you know what it looks like and you can hunt the part on your tranny. Also check around, you may be able to buy it somewhere besides a dealership, which could save you as much as 50%.
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parts only 30dollars ill try hunting when warmer out

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