S10 blazer fuel pump wiring


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S10 blazer fuel pump wiring

I have a 87 S10 blazer that I just dropped the fuel tank out of as I have been having trouble with my fuel pump. Well tonight I looked up one for my vehicle. I wanted to just replace the pump as the sending unit works fine. When I looked up the one for my year at a local parts store I seen that the whole unit has three wires coming from her a tan to the pump a pink to gage and a black for ground.
Mine on the other hand has no ground wire just the tan & pink. My gage works fine. Which leads me to my question should mine have a ground wire? or does it pick the ground off the tank?. If I have to I will buy the whole unit at $258.00 vs. $38.00 for just the pump. I don't understand why my gage worked with out the ground. But the unit they sell has a ground wire. Does anyone know if mine should have a ground wire!. Thank you!
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Without the ground wire it would likely pick the ground up off the tank, but it would be easy enough to figure it out.

Pull the sending unit away from any frame/tank contact and move the sending mechanism up and down and see if the gauge moves with it with the key on. If it doesn't (I don't see how it could) It doesn't need any ground at the tank including the ground wire. Then ground it to the frame /tank and do the same thing. If it moves the gauge this time, then it picks up the ground back at the tank.

For $220.00 I would check it out and if I had to, attach a ground wire myself.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you Bob,
That sounds good to me as I don't have the extra money to buy the whole unit when all I need is the pump. Once again Thank you for this great advice. Will,

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