'98 Toyota Camry fuel pump issue

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'98 Toyota Camry fuel pump issue

What could it be if there is 1. No power to the fuel pump.
2. No power to the radio.
Can these be from the same issue( loose connection, ETC.) or should we be looking at seperate issues. Fuses are good. Please reply because the kids are having to walk to school the 3 to 4...blocks.
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What are you getting that requires power? Does the engine crank over, but just doesn't start? Are the headlights working?

Have you determined the fuel pump is without power because you can't hear it run with key on?

Tow Guy is a Camry guy, maybe he'll jump on this one.
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You asked all my questions, Bob!

As far as I know there are no direct relations between power to the radio and power to the fuel pump although there could be a common connector somewhere in the system. I would attack the fuel pump problem (assuming there is one) first. Going to take some detective work with a meter. First off would be to check the relay for the fuel pump which if memory serves me is in the fuse/relay panel under the hood. Should be pretty easy to identify, the fuses and relays are well mapped out under the covers. If there's power there, next stop would be all the way to the connector nearest the pump. Going to need ramps to get under the car to reach. If you have power all the way to there and pump not running, going to need a pump. Side note here: to the best of my knowledge, Toyota fuel pumps have a pretty low failure rate. This is mostly straight-forward troubleshooting. Ditto the radio; start where you know you have power and work downstream until you loose power.

And just to echo Bob's questions, it cranks over but won't fire, right?

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