windshield wipers


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windshield wipers

The wipers on my car make a horrible scraping noise when they operate. Unless the window is completely saturated.

If there is a light sprinkle, the blades seem to make a sound, as if, it where dry rubber swiping across and even dryer window.

The wiper motor is newly replaced, but it did the same thing before replacement.

Wipers are new, glass though is 20 years old.

Is there a fix for this problem? I am sure when brand new this problem never happened. Thanks
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This sometimes happens in my car as well.

I think the surface of the windshield is roughed up from road depris, dirt, etc and it creates extra friction on the blades.

You could try applying some Rain-X to the windshield to see if that helps.
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Thanks for the tip for RainX. I keep replacing wiper blades. The guy at Auto Zone says wipers only last about six months. I drive a KIA Rio. Maybe they don't make auto glass like they used to or maybe some car species have auto glass not as good as others. I have noisy wiper blades.
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Sometimes it is the attack angle of the rubber to the glass. If the blades are left to rest too long, say like we are having a drought and have no need for them, the rubber retains that memory and will not "flop" like they should when they wipe in both directions. The rubber should sit perpendicular to the windshield when at rest, but we know once they are retracted, they lay flatter. Changing the blades, treating them with a conditioner, or using Rain-x is about the best solution. Make sure the arm is not twisted, so it won't hinder the positioning of the blade.

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