96 dodge ram 1500


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96 dodge ram 1500

My truck has 78k miles and is starting to have problems shifting...mainly from 2nd to third. It will just hang in 2nd unless I let off the accelerator. If I accelerate fast and hard it seems to shift OK. It's only when I drive at a normal acceleration will it hang.

I've tried it with the OD off and it seems to be better, but it will still happen sometimes. It also doesn't happen all the time, but it does appear to be getting worse with time and use.

Checked fluid level and it's OK. Seems to shift all the other gears fine.

Is this a symptom of a rebuild?

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Randy: not sure how your tranny is configured, but it sounds as a normal modulator valve malfunction. But only being between two gears, it may be the sign of worse. I would change out the modulator valve first to see what happens. Have you had the fluid and filter changed lately? Were there any metal filings on the drain plug?
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Hey thanks, Chandler. Sorry to take so long to post back.

Yes, I have had the tranny fluid and filter changed a couple times since I have owned the vehicle, which has been since new. I will look into the modulator valve thingy. Is it located on the tranny, or somewhere else? I will find out.

Thanks again.

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hey randy
new guy to the forum but not to mechanical issues. i also have a 97 ram 1500, bad news is its only going to get worse! the only thing i can tell is if you put a reman trans in is to make sure you do not use the radiator cooler line hook ups, eliminate it all together. go out and buy a good size aftermarket trans cooler kit. and make sure you flush the lines out good. this is the important part, be sure to remove the check valve in the lower cooler line it is in the pass side quick connected to the radiator with a short rubber hose then flare connected to the steel line. this was the number one cause in dodge transmission failure.
hope i helped. tony

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