1999 Ford Taurus - 3 radios and counting


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1999 Ford Taurus - 3 radios and counting

Bought this car used in May 07, the radio that was in it did not work at all. (The rear defrost switch worked, and the AC/Heat controls worked, but that's it)

I bought 2 other radios on Ebay, both of which work in other same year model cars. I even bought another "controller?" (the box that mounts in the trunk that the antenna wire connects to) with no such luck.

I was in the process of trying out a simple 12v radio and realized that the speaker wire connection is terminated somewhere. I can connect to the speakers directly and have sound so I know the speaks are good.

#1 Why do I have zero power to any factory radio (have tested all the leads using wiring diagram and have appropriate voltage)

#2 Where in the heck do the speaker wires go after leaving the radio connector and before reaching the speakers?

Using a cable toner I found that the power and antenna power wires go to that mystery controller in the trunk. Ford wants 75 bucks to check it out with no guarantees.

I should probably also note...
My Taurus suffers the same electrical stuff that many others do:

Wipers come on whenever they feel like
Door ajar/dome light stays on when it rains
Dash lights keep blowing out (replaced bulb at fuel gague twice and its blown again)
Idles up on its own (about due for brake job soon)
Smells of coolant in the cold mornings

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Ford Taurus

Just thank God Ford doesn't build airplanes ...
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PCdoc, the "controller" in the back of the car is actually the radio in that car and the "radio" in the dash is a control panel. If you have no power to the radio you should follow the power and ground to the unit in the trunk. That needs to be powered up before anything will work.

That's also why when you tried to hook up an aftermarket radio you had no power to the speakers, those wire are inputs to the radio, not speaker wires. If you want to replace the radio with an aftermarket one you will need to run all your own wiring.

Good Luck
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Interesting concept. NOT!

I tried applying 12v to the 'radio' in the trunk with the ignition on, and the car started. Did I just find a new way to hotwire one of these things? (like anyone would want to)

Thanks for the info LB. I'll focus my attention to the trunk now. My wife will inform everyone if I somehow ignite the gas tank.

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