car misses when cold


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car misses when cold

91 olds cutlass Ceria 2.5 L 4 cylinder

when its cold like in winter it misses when first started after it warms up its fine. also if you shut it off and then restart within a short amount of time it will run funny and i have to tap the gas to get it back to running correctly then its fine. any ideas. i suspect the fuel injectors are leaking. also is it normal for gas to spill out when the gas station pump stops after filling it spills from the filler neck only for a second.i noticed when i had the car tuned up they replaced the spark plug wires but only 1 plug. could this be it. air filter is good replaced a few months ago. if needed i will take a video of it running so you can hear for yourselfs if it will help
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ok had my BF take a video of the car running

hope it helps

hes the one talking

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The fuel spilling out at the station would have more to do with how fast you're filling it and how quickly the shutoff on the pump kicks the pump off. You have the evap system on the tank and the configuration of the fill tube, both of which could impact it, but if you're not having any problems from it, I would just select a lower pump setting on the gas hose.

Cold running problems, then fine when warm usually point to the cold temp sensor for the computer. That's if your other tune up items are OK.

It would be odd to do a tune up, changing the plug wires and just one plug. The other three wouldn't be that expensive. If they were needing changed it would certainly contribute to any engine performance problems.

You could have leaky injectors. You can check for that with a pressure gauge, but it has to be done with a check for the pressure regulator/fuel pump - probably something for a shop.

Hope this helps,

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It sounds like an ignition skip, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, coil.

Get a pair of insulated spark plug boot pliers, start the car so it misses and remove the wires 1 at a time CAREFULLY, when you get to the one that doesn't make a difference, that's the bad cylinder. Now, hold the end of the wire close to the engine block, is there spark? If not go to the other end of the wire and pull it off the cap, is there spark? If yes replace the wire, if not replace the cap and rotor, or coil pack if that's what you have.

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