1999 suburbman power window won't go all the way down


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Angry 1999 suburbman power window won't go all the way down

I'm trying to remove driver's side door panel i've pop the little plastic thingys and now can't get the door latch opener to release. Does it pop off also or is it screwed into the panel itself.

thanks in advance
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Hi I had a problem like this in a 1990 buick lesabre where the window went down but would not go up. (and it was in the middle of a MN winter )
I know a great mechanic in town so I called him up and he told me to check the rubber boot that allows the wires to pass from the door to the car. I pried it back and sure enough I found a wire that had cracked. I reconnected the wire and presto my window worked again. Good Luck.
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You need to take a regular screwdriver and slide it inbetween the door handle and the trim piece you are trying to get off. Stick the screwdriver in the top middle, left middle, bottom middle, and in the front infront of the door lock lever, in order to release the trim bezel from the door handle. Thats the best I can describe it without drawing a picture. I do have a picture if you'd like, pm me your email address and I can send it your way. If you do pm me after 11 pm tonight, I won't be able to send the picture until around 10 pm Friday.

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