1990 Toyota Corolla front wheel bearings

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1990 Toyota Corolla front wheel bearings

Not long ago I changed my two drive axles thanks to some good help I got here. This took care of the clicking when turning but I think I still have a problem. When driving I have a noticeable sound, not quite a grind but a hum. If it happens to be raining hard and a lot of water is splashing around underneath, this gets much more noticeable. I'm fairly sure with what I just went through that I could get the hub off to take it somewhere to have the bearing removed and reinstalled, but I am wondering first of all if what I have described sounds like a bearing problem, and if I decide to take it to a shop to have them do it, how much would be the approximate cost. It is a lot colder now and I do not know if I have the room in my garage. Thanks again for any help.
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That one is really tough to say. You can try doing some swerves in a parking lot to see if the additional side loading affects the noise. Or, put it up on jacks and see if you have any play in the bearing. Or use a short length of tube for a stethoscope on the hub and turn the wheel to see if you can pick up a rough sounding bearing.

I can't place why the rain under the car would affect a wheel bearing sound.

But a hum usually doesn't qualify for anything wrong. There are just a lot of noises that a perfectly running car makes and, quite often, we just don't pay any attention to them. Then one day we notice one of them and we assume something is wrong.

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I've read literally hundreds of customer narratives related to wheel bearing failures. The most common description is a continuous "whining, growling, humming, or grinding" noise coming from the front end, most noticable at 30-50 mph.

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