abs problem


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abs problem

i have a 97 gmc suburban and the abs light is on. i had to brake hard on a dry surface and the light came on shortly after that. also, when i step on the brake pedle i get that pulsating feeling when stopping on icey conditions. is this something serious? is there a reset process or is this something i have totake to a brake shop. if so is it better to take it to a dealer or just an independent shop. thanks for your input.
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I have only just this last month bought a car with ABS and I don't know much, but do know on ice I felt the same feeling as you describe, I was told on ice is when you really can feel ABS working, as it slips easier than on dry or even wet pavement.
But with the light on there is something not right, I bought a scan tool to plug into mine, and it will give codes, so that is what a shop would do, and it should give them something to then look at and trace down.
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The ABS went south a few years ago on my Camry.
Brakes stop fine, and I still pass inspection in MA with an ABS light on.
I do not miss it, and am not interested to find out what the repair cost would be at a dealer.
But, my experience with it was that you definitely feel a pulsating in the pedal when the ABS is working right.
I've been wheel-twirling since 1955 and never lost one in lousy
New England weather, which is why I have no desire to blow great big bucks on 'fixing' it. It was on the car when I bought it.
Happy New Year. You're a great bunch of people.
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abs problem

thanks for the replies, sure appreciate it. i stopped at a local brake shop and talked to a mechanics. he said it is usually a problem with the front seals and they need to be replaced. costs about $700. he said the same thing, that i could still drive it but it would take a few more feet to stop. so i guess for that kind of bucks i can put up with that. i've got 165,000 miles on it so it might be time to replace it, but it runs so good i hate to get rid of it. thanks again for the response.
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Having a mechanical background, when my ABS light came on suddenly, I thought what might have caused it? Quick observation made me think that maybe, due to weather conditions, (snow & ice at the time.) an abs sensor, which is located on my vehicle, near the outer part of the drive shafts, (front) and inside the rear brake drum, may possibly be malfunctioning due to ice buils up or something. Took van to the car wash, concentrated all the spray on the inner parts (back side) of my wheels & brake areas, to hopefully rinse off whatever debris was causing the problem. Cranked the front wheels side to side for easier & better access. Turned out it was just crap built up on the sensor, and next start, light was out. If you check autozone.com for details on your particular abs sensor locations, it may assist you in trying the same. If in doubt, spray the entire area at back of wheels & housings. What have you got to lose?
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$700.00?!? WOW! You have a wheel speed sensor on the front, either right of left, that is dropping speed faster than the others which is casung the ABS to engage. If your light is currently on, more than likely the sensor is bad. There will be a DTC stored in the ABS module. To determine which side is bad when there is no ABS light on, a scan tool needs to be connected while it is driven. The technician can then monitor the wheel speed data to determine which sensor is dropping MPH soonest (is that a word?). Once this is determined, the sensor can be removed from the hub for inspection. $700.00 is just flat out rediculous. I bet the dealer can have you fixed up for half of that.

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