exped water leaking from exhuast pipes


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exped water leaking from exhuast pipes

Hello All,
My wife's 2000 ford expedition started to leak water from the exhaust pipes recently, I follow the pipes from the manifold to the muffler and leaks like in 4 different areas, I know that at some point it may be normla due to condensation but this is different.
I check for coolant leaks all around and I could'n find any but I found that my wife used the car with very little oil but she said that it never warn of overheating(of course cars don't talk) .
My concern is that it might be an internal coolant leak to the engine? or how can I be certain that coolant water got to the engin and mixed with oil?
Like how big is this job?
I hope Iam not abusing with so many questions.
Thank you very much people for your answers
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If it is a coolant leak, the leaking water will smell like anit-freeze / feel greasy. If there is water in the oil the oil on the dipstick will be milky white. Same with the radiator, there will be oil floating in the rad. tank when you remove the cap (don't remove when hot).

Especially if she is making short trips (exhaust won't get ho enough to dry out the pipes) there can be a fair amount of condensation in the exhaust system this time of year.
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I agree, coolant out the exhaust will give off a lot of white smoke. As long as all the fluids check out ok, I wouldn't worry none.
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Thanks a bunch, what a fast answer!

Yes oil from the dipstick seems to came out clean ,no milky white stuff on it or oil in radiator reservoir.
Yes all she does is short trips and the wheater here in california has been kind of dense.
The car will continue to be used normally, i'LL keep an eye on it and will let you know if anything alse went wrong.
You guys are great, Thanks again for sharing your knowledge have a very prosperous and happy new year.

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