305 timing can't set

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305 timing can't set

bought a 305 online can't set the timing when I try to set the timing with a timing light the idle has to be turn-up then it dies they said to check the timing chain to make sure it is lined up. then they said that I need a gage for the timing chain with a hi performing cam I went to the parts store they don't know what I am talking about please help dan
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So there is a high performance cam in this engine? You need to know which cam it is so you can set the timing as per the cam spec sheet.
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Who is the "they" that you refer to?

Have you popped the distributor cap cover to see where rotor is pointing when the timing mark says 0? It should be at #1 or 180 degrees opposite of #1. If need be, rotate engine one more revolution, if it indeed is pointing about 180 degrees off, and then see how close the rotor is to pointing at #1 when timing mark is at 0. Technically to get it then to run good you may have to set it 6-12 degrees before top dead center (BTDC), by appropriatedly turning distributor, once loose, the correct direction. To advance it, you would rotate the distributor against the direction the rotor turns. To retard, you do the opposite; you turn the distributor WITH the direction of rotor turn. Timing is set with vacuum line to the vacuum advance disconnected and plugged. Then if the vacuum advance is working properly off manifold vacuum (not carb throttle vacuum), then when you plug the vacuum line back in, the BTDC will jump to yet an even higher number BTDC).

If you already knew all this, sorry. If it still does not run, with turning the distributor back and forth a little, then you have other issues.

I have a 79 305 in pickup stored in my garage right now, and before that truck I had a 74 with basically the same engine; a 350.
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What did you buy - a complete engine or a short block? Did the cam come in it, or did you install the cam?

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